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Do digital menus and promotion boards really save you money?

 In-store Digital Menus & Digital Promotional Boards will give you the power to customize content without the latency and expense experienced with archaic printed material.

Can I customize my digital menu boards?

All of the our products are completely customizable with the help of our Content Management System (CMS) software.  Change content across all locations to provide a current and engaging experience in just a few clicks.

is Digital Signage really better?

One of the top-trending sectors within the digital signage movement is the wide-scale incorporation of digital menu boards across the restaurant industry. As laws and regulations continue to evolve, the majority of restaurants are quickly recognizing the benefits of going digital when it comes to menu boards. Apart from the obvious aesthetic boost digital menu boards offer over their static counterparts, here are ten significant advantages of digitized menu displays.

1.  Effortlessly Edit or Update Digital Menu Boards to Comply with New Healthcare Regulations
Title VI of the latest healthcare legislation states: “Restaurants which are part of a chain with 20 or more locations doing business under the same name must disclose calories on the menu board and in written form.” Digital menu boards offer a simple solution to this regulatory compliance headache for restaurant managers. Now you can easily change the information on the menu to remain compliant with this new requirement instead of having to purchase new signage every time the caloric load of your products changes.

2.  Easily Add New Menu Offerings or Adjust Pricing
Because Dinenamics offers the latest in digital signage technology, you have the option to manually or automatically manage menu items and price points remotely based on supply and demand, promotional campaigns, and upcoming events. This gives your business the needed flexibility to maximize sales and generate profits.

3.  Rock the Up-Sell
Digital menu boards represent a golden opportunity for prioritizing the up-sale technique. Digital screens have the capability of displaying complimentary items (e.g., adding fries or a beverage, ‘super-sizing’ the order, etc.) during the ordering process. The high-resolution screens installed by Dinenamics give customers a much more appetizing preview of your menu items compared to static pictures.

4.  Automate Display Based on Time, Season & Audience
Forget the hassle of changing transparent inserts or flipping static boards from breakfast to lunch. Digital menu boards enable restaurant employees to automatically schedule when their menus will change based on the time of day or day of the week. Additionally, updates can be made quickly and easily to target a certain demographic or target audience to maximize sales.

5.  Centralize Control & Cut Out Errors
Managers can now control the entire network of menu boards from anywhere they can access the internet. Eliminate employee errors, misprints, installation costs, and additional expenditures related to static menu signage. With digital menu signs, you can now monitor the entire system’s content and have complete control of what messages are being communicated to the customer—all from the convenience of your office, car or couch.

6.  Reduce Perceived Wait Times & Enhance Customer Experience
Digital menu displays can incorporate value-added content like trivia, interesting facts, or other entertaining aspects to lower a customers perceived wait time during the ordering process. It also provides customers an incentive to remain looking at the screen, giving restaurants the chance to present them with more promotional content.

7.  Maintain Brand Consistency
With static signs, there’s always the off-chance that employees will forget to change content when your company makes an effort to update its services and menu offerings. With digital menu boards, restaurant managers can ensure that all locations are on-track and present a consistent, high-quality appearance across the board.

8.  Maximize Marketing Return-on-Investment
Static menu boards necessarily require businesses to devote valuable time and resources to design, ship, and install signage. Dinenamics handles all stages of the design and installation process to ensure your business continues to operate at an optimal level while we upgrade your signage game. When it comes to digital menu boards, it’s a one-stop process—you don’t have to continually order new signage every time you decide to upgrade or alter your menu items. That means you get the most bang for your buck as you can launch endless marketing and promotional campaigns after a single investment in  Dinenamics’ premium digital technology.

9.  Enhance Corporate Communication & Training Protocol
Restaurants can utilize their menu boards to communicate with their on-site staff either for training purposes or to relay important developments and relevant corporate updates. Pre-recorded training seminars can be automatically scheduled to be displayed across select locations or a press release from the CEO to all customers thanking them for their loyalty can be displayed at any time.

10. Support the Local Community
New restaurants are popping up at an increasing rate, and one of the most challenging aspects of establishing a new eatery is relating to the local community. Digital signage allows restaurants to give back to the community and to build trust and loyalty. By displaying local news or upcoming events on their menu boards and other digital display signage from Dinenamics’ fully-customizable range of products, restaurants can communicate to the local customer base that they appreciate their support and business.

WHAT type of digital menus do you provide?

We provide Digital Menu Boards, both Drive-Thru and Interior, In-Window Signage, Promotional Digital Boards, Dining Area Digital Boards, Self-Order Kiosks, Tablet and Table Ordering.

CAn Preview boards increase sales?

Restaurant drive thru lanes have the potential to increase sales in fast food up to 8 percent. That's on top of the estimated 70 percent of sales that take place at drive thru windows. What's the secret? Digital signage holds the key to boosting sales for fast food chains.As profit margins are squeezed, competition increases and operational costs rise, fast food joints are looking for a new angle to boost revenue. There are many voices offering ideas on how to increase sales in fast food. Many have tried some of those suggestions, without success. The problem is that many of the suggestions put forward are based on the experiences of fast food chains that have seen success as a result of following such advice. However, tactics used to boost fast food sales by one restaurant won’t necessarily work for the next fast food chain.

Drive thru digital signage gives you the edge
Drive thru digital signage on the other hand is proven to deliver a consistent sales boost on a weekly basis for small and large fast food chains alike.

It all stems from the use of digital menu boards indoors. Fast food chains upgrading from static, illuminated poster menus to digital menu boards with moving images experienced a shift in customer spend.

Using Prime Burger - a UK-based hamburger chain - as an example, a press release issued by the company described how 'like-for-like sales across their chain' increased by 50 percent as a result of installing digital menu boards in mid-2016.It was early success stories like this that led to the next evolution of digital menu boards used by the fast food industry, as the focus switched from indoors to reaching customers outdoors.With upwards of 70 percent of QSR sales occurring at the drive thru, going digital outdoors represents a logical step when the goal is to boost sales of fast food. What makes drive thru digital signage so effective is the versatility it gives fast food chains, stripping away the limitations of static posters and panels.

How to leverage digital menu boards at the drive thru
A digital signage network at the drive thru can serve multiple functions at once, for instance:
1. Presales… Promote a brand new menu item at the drive thru entrance and sow the seed for a potential unplanned purchase.
2. To upsell… Displays can feature high ticket items to tempt customers into additional purchases.
3. To run promotions… Drive thru digital signage can be used to present eye-catching meal deal promotions.
4. Segmenting menu items… Point customers to your bestselling menu items rather than having them trawl through your entire menu. This also speeds up the number of orders processed in an hour.Fast food joints are cashing in on drive thru digital signage because of its ability to attract customers, speed up the drive thru lane and improve the customer experience.

Improving the customer experience is where the money is at
However, digital signage isn't a guarantee of more sales. What really drives sales is the way in which your menu is presented at the drive thru. An easy to read menu prompts quicker buying decisions, speeding up the drive thru lane, which ultimately leads to a positive customer experience.Used correctly, digital signage enables fast food chains to present easily digestible content and, with 74 percent of QSR customers putting an easy to read menu at the top of their list for making a purchase - according to a study conducted by Panasonic - a simple menu layout not only attracts customers, it keeps them coming back for more.

Digital Signage is convenient too
Aside from the sales boosting benefits that drive thru digital signage brings to the table, outdoor digital menu boards offer convenience too. Updating menus with new items or price changes can be done almost instantly, whereas a print run to replace static menu boards can take up to two weeks, plus you have to pay for the privilege. Day parting is made easier too, fast food chains can switch between breakfast, lunch and main menus, seamlessly. Better still, this can be done across multiple sites so that menus change in sync.As a means of increasing sales across the fast food industry, digital signage at the drive thru offers the complete package and represents an excellent return on investment. In fact, Eclipse Digital Media estimates that QSRs will recoup the cost of their digital menu board investment anywhere between 9 and 18 months.

WHAT about kiosks & Tablet ordering?

Whether it’s in-store kiosks or table provided tablets, our tablet ordering feature allows guests to order at their convenience and with the comfort of table service. Putting the control in your customers hands decreases the chance of getting lost in translation.

Do you offer a TOUCH-LESS PAYMENTS option?

Given current global conditions, it’s a given that customers prefer contactless purchasing options. Dinenamics offers a safe touch-less payment solution, while still providing the traditional touch options if preferred. Drive-thru ordering is made easy with voice agent ordering, keeping orders flowing straight to your kitchen with accuracy. Voice automation ensures a rapid speed of service allowing your team to focus on order execution. Intelligent suggestions to customers for promotions are an effective method to offer an upsale.

Which License is best for my brand Concept?

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will create a custom solution.
Email us: or call 1 408 678-0788.

Do You Offer financing?

Through our partnership we are able to offer financing for all hardware offerings. Get in touch with us to discuss your franchises needs and we will create a custom solution for you.
Email us: or call 1 408 678-0788.

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