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Appetites change, your menu can too.

Menu edits have never been easier

When using Dinenamics, you can change your menu items on the fly. This flexibility will give you the option to test different menu items. If you’re trying out a few different options to see what would work best, you don’t have to worry about printing out new menus or updating your signage boards. Dinenamics allows you to make updates in real-time across all digital platforms. Just a few clicks, and you’re good to go!

Make Your Menus Work for You!

Increase your bottom line with dinenamics' game changing omni-channel platform

Let us transform your business into a digital command center. With our digital boards customers will have the opportunity to control their individual experience and be certain that their menus are translated accurately and efficiently.

Can I customize my digital menu boards?

All of the our products are completely customizable with the help of our Content Management System (CMS) software.  Change content across all locations to provide a current and engaging experience in just a few clicks.

Do digital menus and promotion boards really save you money?

 In-store promotional boards will give you the power to customize content without the latency and expense experienced with archaic printed material.

WHAT type of digital menus do you provide?

We provide Digital Menu Boards, both Drive-Thru and Interior, In-Window Signage, Promotional Digital Boards, Dining Area Digital Boards, Self-Order Kiosks, Tablet and Table Ordering.

WHAT about kiosks & Tablet ordering?

Whether it’s in-store kiosks or table provided tablets, our tablet ordering feature allows guests to order at their convenience and with the comfort of table service. Putting the control in your customers hands decreases the chance of getting lost in translation.

Do you offer a TOUCH-LESS PAYMENTS option?

Given current global conditions, it’s a given that customers prefer contactless purchasing options. Dinenamics offers a safe touch-less payment solution, while still providing the traditional touch options if preferred. Drive-thru ordering is made easy with voice agent ordering, keeping orders flowing straight to your kitchen with accuracy. Voice automation ensures a rapid speed of service allowing your team to focus on order execution. Intelligent suggestions to customers for promotions are an effective method to offer an upsale.