It's Not  a Menu, it's an Experience!

Better Experience, Better Results
Ordering Experience

Dinenamics simplifies the ordering process and reduces touchpoints without compromising security. With payment tokenization, merchants offer customers the possibility to save their payment details in a secure manner, so that the next time they make a purchase they do not need to re-enter their payment data. One-click payments significantly increase conversion at checkout through streamlining the payment process for shoppers.

Get It Right, Every Bite

Both Front of House and Back of House operations are seamlessly integrated to offer optimal communication and workflows.  This efficiency leads to excellent order accuracy, and thus, shorter order times.


Digital Menus

Effortlessly Edit or Update Digital Menu Boards to Comply with New Healthcare Regulations. Easily Add New Menu Offerings or Adjust Pricing.

Preview Boards

What's the secret? Digital signage holds the key to boosting sales for fast food chains. Restaurant drive thru lanes have the potential to increase sales in up to 8%.

Smart Bots

Our smart-bot technology, IoT, and machine learning methods, and on-the-fly chat dialog, takes the ordering experience to a new level.


Dinenamics customer loyalty program is a customer retention strategy that motivates customers to continue buying from your brand instead of competitors.

Promotion opportunity

Promotion helps in increasing customer retention. The more you promote your brand, the more will the customers know about you and your company.

Environmental Smart sensors

With our environment sensing technology, IoT, and machine learning methods, we make monitoring a truly integral way to personalize the guest experience.