Achieve a unified experience across all channels

Whether it’s in-store devices, online ordering or pick up and delivery, Dinenamics provides an Omni-Channel digital solution to fulfill your needs from operations to customer experience.

> Control multiple information streams from a unified platform
> Retrieve real-time reports for every channel
> Monitor all aspects of every interaction
> Classify and save all communications
> Achieve consistent branding across all locations

Our Talented Crew

We Build Platforms for Industry Giants

Kishore Kethineni

Founder & CEO

Sathyan Iyengar

Board Member

Peter Ddamulira

Product Executive Consultant

Pooja Gupta

Product Manager

Ajith Jain

MarCom Consultant

Riasat Cheema

National Sales Director

Patrick Leonard Stull

Creative Director

Surekha Kethineni

Lead, Product Development

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